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Shelly Short | Teaching
Through The Bean Lens
Shelly Short | Teaching
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Learning is a continuous journey of exploration and engagement.  I believe it’s a process of analysis, practice and problem solving that promotes an understanding of the world around us.  The successes and failures along the way provide a path of knowledge and as an educator; I am a guide along that path.


I recognize that in the shifting landscape of the visual arts, it is essential that the artistic vision be supported by technical knowledge to clearly project the individual voice.  My approach begins with building a foundation in visual elements, color theory, and basic exposure theory.  Once the foundation is laid the journey towards an artistic vision can be explored, tested, and revisited.  It is my goal to provide an educational environment that fortifies the foundation of the visual language, emphasizes critical and creative thinking, fosters collaboration, and engages learning of old processes and emerging technologies.


In the classroom, I encourage my students to rigorously examine the world through their own personal lens.  I provide them assigned opportunities to explore their vision and implement their knowledge of the in-class materials and discussions.  Analysis of these assignments during class critiques promotes a collaborative learning environment by engaging the artist and their peers in an honest exchange of diverse ideas.  Through this exchange I am able to assess the progress of each student, both as an individual and part of a group, and adjust my pedagogical approach towards their needs.


Experiencing the medium through my students’ eyes is one of the most rewarding components of being an educator in my field of expertise.  I love to see how their explorations shape their art and enjoy mentoring them through the process of finding their voice.  As an active visual artist I am inspired by their enthusiasm and am grateful for the opportunity to encourage students on their artistic journeys.