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Shelly Short | Reel Tradition
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Reel Tradition


16x9 Short Film

Awards and Exhibitions

2014 Official Selection Charleston International Film Festival

About This Project

Reel Tradition is the story of Peter, a third generation fisherman, on his quest to catch “The Big One” and add his glory to that of his lineage. Using traditional fishing methods handed down father-to-son he has yet to succeed, but hasn’t lost hope. On this day’s trip to the lake he encounters a young woman that clearly hasn’t learned the way of the fish. Partly out of a sense of charity and partly for his own sanity, Peter illustrates for Sammy the correct way to cast. She in turn offers him a piece of her special bait that seems to attract the fish where his trusty worms have failed. The decision Peter finds himself facing is to forgo tradition in favor of new ways or keep the faith despite his continued failure.